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The Eld is a living system for understanding, organizing and engaging ourselves to help us navigate our experience through representing consciousness in eight different principle patterns.

I refer to the activation of these patterns of consciousness as a process of unlocking Gates which leads us into the full exploration of a Warren (or dimension) of conscious experience.

Each Gate can be divided further into three Keys that represent a different aspect of our intelligent awareness which when we attend to all three can connect together to complete a circuit and open a way.

When the Eld is considered as a Glyph, it can be represented as an eight pointed star, which symbolically works as a compass for the navigation of the inner experience of one’s own self.

The Seed represents the total potential of the Whole and in the case of the Eld is represented fully as the living World Tree.

Tomasz Alen Kopera

The image of the World Tree being an ancient organizing principle mythically throughout all of humanity’s past to the present, and often the symbolic tool in which an adept of consciousness is able to move through the various warrens of consciousness that we will be exploring extensively on this blog.

In the future I will be posting more the structure and explanation of the Eld here on this page.

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