The Mysterious Connection between UFOs and Consciousness: Part 2

Surfing Waves of Consciousness

In this article I discuss the Washington DC and Charlie Red Star UFO flaps in order to continue exploring the mysterious connection between ufos and consciousness. I will show how the US government was investigating a link between UFOs and mental phenomena as far back as the 1950’s as well as share a list with dates and links to thirteen important historical UFO flaps for your own personal exploration.

 To review our last article, I began by introducing the concept of a flap which is something that happens so suddenly and unexpected that it completely throws you off. A UFO is quite simply a term designated for unidentified flying objects which was popularized by Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt of the US Air Force during their investigation of the phenomenon.

Redefining UFO Flaps

Long time experiencer, Sherry Wilde, defines UFO flaps in her book The Forgotten Promise: “as an inordinate number of people reporting sightings of unknown flying objects in the skies. This can include vague accounts of suspicious lights or actual sightings of what appear to be solid vehicles of an unknown origin“.

I particularly like this definition because there has been a lot of assumed bias around the UFO term since it was first introduced. If you remember, the USAF changed the terminology from saucers to UFOs in the first place to avoid confusion. With Wilde’s definition we are talking about a broader scope of experiences that emphasize the unknown aspect that can also be quite vague, uncertain and not well defined. This leaves open a larger range of phenomena which anyone might have experienced at some point by just looking up at the night sky. After all, how closely do we pay attention to the sky? Would we even notice if there was something out of place about the moon?

Do you Mind or Does it Matter?

Max Planck, originator of Quantum theory

To gain more clarity about the uncertainty of these kinds of events, researchers have switched the term from UFOs to UAPs. UAP stands for unidentified aerial phenomenon.  What we are dealing with is not necessarily an object but instead a phenomenon. This moves us from thinking about an unknown object (which describes a physical event) to an unknown phenomenon (which describes a mental experience).

This might seem like a minor change in terminology, but it will have profound implications the further we get into our investigation. Framing how we engage with the experience can and does create an expectation regarding the experience itself. If we begin within a framework of investigating a physical phenomenon only we will quickly dismiss any evidence which does not fit into that hypothetical frame. A mistake many skeptical investigators have made who have discounted important evidence that did not fit their own paradigm of the phenomena.

Famous UFO Flaps

  1. Nuremberg, Germany, UFO aerial battle, 1561
  2. California and the Midwest “Airship” sightings, 1896-97
  3. Roswell, New Mexico crash and recovery, 1947
  4. Kenneth Arnold’s Mount Rainier, Washington sighting, 1947
  5. Mantell Incident, 1948
  6. Washington, DC sightings, 1952
  7. Barney and Betty Hill Abduction, 1961
  8. Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO crash, 1965
  9. Tehran, Iran incident, 1976
  10. JAL Flight 1628, 1986
  11. Belgium Incident, 1990
  12. Phoenix lights, 1997
  13. Tic Tac, Nimitz US Navy, Pacific, 2004

UFO flaps # 2 – 12

Why Don’t UFOs Land on the Whitehouse Lawn?

If UFOs are real why wouldn’t they land on the white house lawn and prove they exist to everyone? This kind of thinking includes the very kind of bias that we should be seeking to avoid, as we are making an assumption that these are “objects” that are physical and perhaps vehicles that can and do land.

With that aside, these UAPs did nearly that from July 12-29, 1952, over Washington, DC.

Coincidentally, this event ended up directly relating to Capt. Edward Ruppelt and project Blue Book, as he was in Washington during the flap.

The Washington DC, UFO flap is one of the most famous examples of a flap, which made front-page headlines in newspapers around the nation. Curtis Peebles who was a UFO historian, referred to the event as the climax of the 1952 flap. “Never before or after did Project Blue Book and the Air Force undergo such a tidal wave of (UFO) reports.” – [Peebles, Curtis, Watch the Skies!: A Chronicle of the Flying Saucer Myth. Berkley Books, 1994]

Washington DC, UFO flap – lights in the sky.

 Ruppelt was in Washington during the flap, but wasn’t aware of the sightings until July 21st. After talking to intelligence officers in the pentagon, he tried to investigate the sightings around the city but was stymied in his attempts to acquire a staff car for his investigation of direct witnesses and was told to use a taxi and pay for it himself. Frustrated with the situation he returned to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Importantly, the Washington DC flap demonstrates that the US government was very much aware of the phenomenon and President Truman himself had participated in a conversation at the White House with Ruppelt. 

This will become an important factor of evidence leading into the next section introducing Grant Cameron, and the Charlie red star flap. Cameron provides a key piece of information from the US government to the Canadian government about the link between the phenomena and consciousness.

A Charlie Foxtrot?

Grant Cameron is a Canadian who became involved in ufo research in May 1975 with personal sightings of an object which locally became known as the Charlie Red Star flap which occurred in Carman, Manitoba about 40 kilometers north of the Canada-US border… 

He wrote a book detailing his research and experience collected from over 18 months of sightings where he photographed large and small strange objects in the area along with interviewing hundreds of witnesses who were involved with the phenomena.  

As a result of his experience documenting the Charlie Red Star flap, Cameron would later go on to investigate the Canadian government’s involvement with UAPs. This would lead Cameron to research Wilbert B. Smith who was the director of Project Magnet, the Canadian government UFO study. After two decades of investigation documents relating to Smith’s involvement, Cameron himself became convinced that the phenomena was related to consciousness.

One of the most important documents he found which was related to this connection was the Nov. 21, 1950:  Top Secret memo to the Dept. of Transport which documents an enquiry of Wilson’s through the Canadian embassy in Washington about information regarding the UFO phenomena, which states that flying saucers exist and the subject is classified higher than the H-bomb.  An incredible admission itself, but more importantly for our investigation is that it also mentions how the U.S. were looking into the “mental phenomena” associated with these saucers, as can be read in the document below.

For more information regarding Cameron and his thoughts on how the UFO phenomenon is linked to mental phenomena and consciousness, you can listen to him describe a lot of his experiences on Skeptico, a great podcast covering the science of human consciousness with host Alex Tsakiris. You can also follow Cameron on his YouTube channel: Grant Cameron White House UFO.

This is smoking gun evidence that shows how both the US and Canadian governments were aware of the connection of UFOs and mental phenomena. My next article goes deeper into the connection by discussing the Oz factor, along with exploring some amazing researchers with fantastic credentials and their work suggesting that what we are dealing with is profoundly connected to consciousness. 

Tune in to Plus Ultra’s first podcast as we discuss the topics of articles #1-2. 

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  1. Nicely done. I had no idea they were now calling them UAP’s but that honestly makes more sense in every respect given the nature of most sightings. Seems like, as you mention, a hint to the deeper truth to whats really going on here. And informing us the nature of reality and consciousness in the process. Looking forward to the next one.

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