The Mysterious Connection between Consciousness and UFOs: Part – 1

Part 1: Introduction to Flaps

What are UFOs? Why do they show up in our movies, stories and media? When did people start talking about them in the first place and why does it matter? These baffling objects can evoke strong reactions in us, whether of absurdity, curiosity or in some cases even dread.

In this article series and a companion podcast series called Plus Ultra with my co-host Max, I will share with you our explorations of this topic. My research findings show an enigmatic connection between the UFO and other phenomenon that suggest an important connection to the fundamental nature of our consciousness.

The ultimate goal of these articles and investigations is to explore and get a deeper understanding of the exciting frontier of consciousness. But before diving into consciousness first, I will first set up some important background info which explains what a flap is and where the terminology came from along with some important historical ufo flaps.

What the Heck is a UFO Flap?

One of the common terms used by ufology researchers is called a UFO flap. So, what the heck is a flap anyways?

The term was popularized by decorated veteran Captain Edward J. Ruppelt who flew as a bombardier in WWII and was later educated as an aeronautical engineer in the US Air Force. Back in 1952, he used the term in his report on unidentified flying objects while working first on Project Grudge followed by being made the director for Project Blue Book.

Project Grudge and Blue Book were the Air Force’s studies into the UFO phenomenon with the goal of understanding whether UFOs were a security threat along with the goal of collecting and analyzing information for scientific data.

In fact, Ruppelt was THE guy who coined the term UFO (unidentified flying objects) to replace the terms of flying saucer and flying disc because the military felt that the other terms didn’t properly explain the observed phenomenon adequately.

Ruppelt distinguished between two different types of occurrences, a flap and a wave both of which refer to a period of time of dramatically increased UFO sightings. The major difference between a wave and a flap has to do with a flap being a more localized event (a neighborhood as an example) and the duration being much shorter (less than a few weeks).

The term flap was originally used as slang to refer to a situation or experience of a group of people thrown into sudden confusion which hadn’t quite reached the status of a full blown panic. In terms of the military this might be something like the sudden appearance of an inspecting general or a complete administrative reorganization. So basically a flap is something that happens so suddenly and unexpected that it completely throws you off.

A wild X appeared!

To be continued… Friday, March 26th along with Plus Ultra – Episode #1

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