The Law of Averages – Greater diversity of intelligence leads to greater practical intelligence

Information grows information, even false information is useful information.

I was reading an article the other day about how the CIA is using normal super estimators to bolster their own information collection for event forecasting, and how these people who are just regular people are often far more accurate at estimating what the likely outcome of an event is with just normal information, which is then bolstered again when averaged out across the group, with certain people being even more highly accurate but with all of them together being very accurate.

This reminded me about a phenomenon that Robert Anton Wilson was talking about where you take a person who guesses how many jelly beans are in a jar, and how far off all the individual guesses can be, but when you average the guesses of all of the guessers, the averaged guess is almost identical to the actual amount, which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

There has been some interesting research done on crowd sourced wisdom also, where basically crowd sourcing often leads to a much higher accuracy and is actually a good indicator of action and knowledge.

Anyways all of these things were in the back of my mind when I just came across another aspect from Cosmic Trigger, Wilson said that when he taught his exo-psychology seminars he always used an exercise to see how many things people remember from when they walk into the room, and he would take the person with the best memory, lets say this person remembers 14 things, and there would be many other people with varying numbers, but when you take everyone together, the number of things remembered would typically be twice the number of the highest person’s memory, so the person who could remember 14 items, the class total would be something like 28.

Wilson uses this point as an illustration, (which I think I am going to go further with my other examples that I have written here, and I will see if I can find the articles to put together the evidence more properly). It illustrates that one way to double your practical intelligence (awareness of detail) is to try to receive as many signals as possible from other people, however-wrongheaded their reality-map/belief system may seem, however dumb or boring they might sound at first. Our usual habit of screening out all signals not immediately compatible with our own favorite reality map is the mechanism which keeps us all far less intelligent than we could or perhaps should be.

This is the ‘most points on a reality map to get most accurate representation method,’ bit of a mouthful, but this is what I am coining it at the moment or maybe the multiple-points method, MP method for short. I have written on this somewhere else in my notes before, I will have to find it and connect these two, the other notes were also spurred by Wilson before as this is something he brought to my attention through one of his YouTube seminars I watched, probably in other areas I have read as well.

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